HAKKO FX-971 Introduction and Main Features

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HAKKO FX-971 is a new soldering station equipped with 100W of power, high visibility screen, possibility to adjust the inclination, infrared communication with FG100B soldering tip thermometer and automatic sleep function when not in use.

Space-saving design, compact & high power

Equipped with 100W power in a compact body, it supports a wide range of soldering applications.

New composite tip adoption

Improved sensor sensitivity and a design that smoothly transfers the heat of the heater to the tip which stabilizes the tip temperature and achieves better soldering.

High visibility display

Information such as set temperature, tip sensor temperature, and preset settings are displayed in a large, easy-to-understand manner.
The viewing angle is wide and the high brightness display achieves high visibility.

Approximately 40% reduction in cycle time

Soldering work can be done in a short time, improving work efficiency.

Intuitive operation

Various settings can be easily set with four buttons.

Convenient to carry

Improved visibility and operability with angle adjustment

The tilt mechanism makes it easy to see the screen display and easy to operate according to the installation location, such as on a desk, under a desk, or on a rack.

Soldering tips for all kinds of work

Sophisticated tip lineup.
The new tip shape improves work that was previously impossible and time consuming.

Product model T39-BCR1235

Product model T39-JD16

Product model T39-DR16

Product model T39-DS32

Infrared communication

Calibration and correction are completed automatically by sending the measurement results of the tip temperature via infrared rays.


By connecting the station to a PC, the tip temperature setting, calibration, compensation and tip temperature history during work can be recorded on the PC, enabling zero human error management.

The software can be downloaded from the support & service site.
Click here to download software for FX-971

User registration and product registration are required to download software.
Click here for user registration and product registration

Auto Sleep / Auto Shutoff

Cordless auto-sleep and auto-shutoff functions are possible with the built-in sensor.
The flexibility of the station and the iron holder layout are improved.

Iron stand

Upgrated Iron Holder

The FH-215 is a newly designed holder that now features an integrated brass wire receptacle, sponge holder, safety tip removers, additional tip slots with no sleep cable required.

Safe Tip Replacement

With the newly designed iron holder, you can easily and safely replace the tip using the tip removal attachment and the tip insertion base.

Removing the tip

Use the groove on the right side to remove the tip.

Attaching the tip

Use the tip insertion stand to insert the tip into the soldering iron.

T39 Tip Shapes

The new FX-971 Solder Station also comes with newly designed tips, including new sizes and tip shapes. Below are examples of these.

Conical Tip

Bevel Tip

Chisel Tip Short

Chisel Tip

Chisel Tip Grooved

Spatula Tip

Bent Tip

Knife Tip

Soldering irons that can be connected to the FX-971

FX-9701 Soldering iron

FX-9702 N2 soldering iron

FX-9703 Micro soldering iron

FX-9704 Micro N2 Soldering Iron

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