TekBox TBFL1 Transient Limiter

TekBox TBFL1 Transient Limiter
The TekBox TBFL1 is a combined transient limiter / attenuator / high pass filter, designed to provide optimum protection of spectrum analyzer or measurement receiver inputs when carrying out conducted noise measurements or other measurements where the input levels cannot be predicted with certainty or where accidental overloads may occur. 
Pin- and schottky diodes combined with a multi-stage 10dB attenuator result in a device which can withstand a continuous RF input level of up to 5W (37 dBm). A gas discharge tube provides additional protection against high voltage transients. Furthermore, a 9 kHz high pass filter suppresses harmonics of the mains supply voltage. 
With a limiting threshold of +11dBm and a flat frequency response from 9 kHz to 600 MHz, the TBFL1 limiter can be used as protective device for the complete range of conducted noise measurements and in many other applications.
Frequency range: 9 kHz – 600 MHz
Attenuation: 10 dB – 0.5/+1.2 dB in-band (9 kHz to 600 MHz)
Attenuation HP-filter: > 30 dB @ 2kHz
Maximum continuous RF input power: 5W (+37 dBm) in-band
Maximum DC input voltage: ± 20V
Input matching, linear operating range: 9 kHz - 600 MHz < - 16 dB
Output matching, linear operating range: 9 kHz - 600 MHz < - 23 dB
Linear operating range: up to 0 dBm input level, in-band
Limiting threshold: +11 dBm (@ 37dBm input level)
Input connector: N-female
Output connector: N-male
Dimensions: 156 mm x 26 mm x 26mm
Weight: 170 g
general purpose RF transient limiter
transient limiter for conducted noise measurement set up

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Tutto arrivato in tempri brevissimi, azienda ben organizzata, staff cordialissimo

Matteo on 14/11/2019

Ho acuistato un oscilloscopio Rigol MSO5000 Sono rimasto pienamente soddisfatto da questo strumento.. ricchissimo di funzioni e molto intuitivo nell'utilizzo. Con il bundle di opzioni incluse inoltr...

Mauro on 06/11/2019