GW-Instek GDM-9061 bench digital multimeter

GW-Instek GDM-9061 bench digital multimeter
The GW-Instek GDM-9061 is a  6 ½ digit dual measurement multimeter, featuring high precision DC voltage accuracy, fast sampling rate, 12 measurement functions (DC voltage/current, AC voltage/current, 2-wire/4-wire resistance, frequency, period, diode, continuity beeper, temperature, capacitance), 6 mathematical functions (dB/dBm/Compare/ MX+B/Percent and 1/X) as well as a variety of communications interfaces (USB device/host, RS-232C, LAN, digital I/O and optional GPIB) to provide comprehensive measurement capabilities, higher speed and accuracy.
- 6 1/2 Digit Display:1,200,000 Counts
- 4.3 TFT Graphic LCD
- DCV Basic Accuracy: 0.0035%
- 12 Measurement Functions: DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, 2-wire and 4-wire Resistance, Frequency, Period, Diode, Continuity, Temperature and Capacitance
- Sampling Rate up to 10k SPS
- Dual Measurement Function to Providing Two Selected Measurement Simultaneously
- Offer Graphical Capabilities including Histogram, Bar Meter and Trend
- Temperature Measurement Support RTD, Thermistor as Well as Thermocouple
- Standard Interfaces: USB Host/Device, RS-232C, LAN, Digital I/O
- Optional Interface: GPIB
Included Accessories:
Safety Instructions x 1
Power cord x 1
USB cable GTL-246 x 1
Test lead GTL-207A x 1
CD x 1 (including the complete user manual, upgrade program and PC software, DMM-Viewer2)
Diverse display mode
In addition to the standard numeric display mode, it also provides a variety of graphical functions such as bar meter, trend chart and histogram, so that the measurement results are no longer just a series of numbers, but a swift insight into the panoramic measurement.

Temperature measurement
The GDM-906X series conducts temperature measurement and is ideal for a variety of temperature sensors, such as thermistors, RTDs, and thermocouples. The GDM-906X's temperature measurement supports commonly used thermocouple types (e.g. J / T / K..., etc.), using voltage measurement terminals as thermocouple inputs, and calculating temperature based on voltage fluctuations; the function can be used as a temperature recorder if collocated with internal memory capacity and the trend chart function.

The PC software DMM-Viewer2 is suitable for any computer communications interfaces (RS232C/LAN/USB/ GPIB) provided by the GDM-906X series for long-term data acquisition. The software not only allows users to control the settings of the GDM-906X series but also provides the observation mode or the recording mode for the captured data. For the observation mode, the measurement result is directly presented as the result of the trend chart or the histogram and the result is not saved. For the recording mode, the measurement result is directly saved into the log file, but only the current display is shown in the process. The measured data and trend chart can be viewed after the recording mode is stopped. In addition, the GDM-906X series also provides LabVIEW driver to meet the software application requirements of system integration.

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E' stato il mio primo acquisto su Batterfly (siglent sds1202): veloci, imballaggio impeccabile, prodotto perfetto. Consiglio l'acquisto in questo negozio senza ombra di dubbio!

Mauro on 29/07/2020

Ho acquistato un oscilloscopio DS1054Z che ho ricevuto in 48 ore. Sono molto soddisfatto di essermi affidato allo staff Batterfly, riscontrando cordialità e professionalità. Consiglio questo sito,...

Mauro Danieli on 24/07/2020