Peak Electronic Atlas DCA - Semiconductor Analyser (Model DCA55)

Peak Electronic Atlas DCA - Semiconductor Analyser (Model DCA55)

Connect any way round to automatically identify and measure a wide range of semiconductor devices. The DCA55 will automatically identify the type of the part, pinout and many component parameters. Components supported include bipolar NPN/PNP transistors, darlingtons, diode-protected transistors, transistors with built-in resistors, enhancement mode MOSFETs, depletion mode MOSFETs, diodes, diode networks, LEDs, 2 and 3 lead bicolour LEDs, JFETs and many more. Further measurements are displayed including transistor gain, leakage current, pn voltage drops, LED voltages, MOSFET threshold voltages and much more. Even if you don't know anything about the part, just connect it in any configuration and the DCA55 will identify the type of part for you and also identify all the leads. Supplied with universal gold plated hook probes, battery and illustrated user guide. Not designed for in-circuit testing.

Key Features:

  • Automatic pinout detection and identification, connect any way round.
  • Automatic part type identification.
  • Supports semiconductors including transistors, MOSFETs, diodes, LEDs, JFETs and much more.
  • Detection of special component features such as transistors with diodes or transistors with built-in resistors.
  • Transistor gain measurement.
  • Transistor leakage measurement.
  • MOSFET gate threshold measurement.
  • Semiconductor voltage drop measurement.
  • Supplied with gold plated red/green/blue universal hook probes on 160mm flexible leads.
Parameters Minimum Typical Maximum Notes
Peak test current into S/C -5.5mA   5.5mA 1
Peak test voltage across O/C -5.1V   5.1V 1
Measurable transistor gain range (HFE) 4   65,000 2
Transistor gain accuracy (for HFE<1000) -3%-5 HFE   +3%+5 HFE 2,9
Transistor VCEO 2.0V   3.0V 2
Transistor VBE accuracy -2%-20mV   +2%+20mV 9
VBE threshold for Darlington identification   0.9V   3
VBE threshold for Darlington identification (shunted)   0.8V   4
Acceptable transistor VBE     1.8V  
Base-emitter shunt resistance threshold   60k    
Transistor collector-emitter test current 2.45mA 2.50mA 2.55mA  
Acceptable transistor collector leakage   1.25mA   6
MOSFET gate threshold range 0.1V   5.0V 5
MOSFET gate threshold accuracy -2%-20mV   +2%-20mV 5
MOSFET drain-source test current 2.45mA 2.50mA 2.55mA  
MOSFET minimum acceptable gate resistance   8k    
Thyristor/Triac gate test current   4.5mA   7
Thyristor/Triac load test current   5mA    
Diode test current     5mA  
Diode forward voltage accuracy -2%-2mV   +2%+2mV  
VF threshold for LED   1.50V    
Short circuit detection threshold   10 ohms    
Battery type 23A or MN21 (12V Alkaline)
Battery voltage range 7.50V 12V    
Battery voltage warning threshold   8.25V    
Inactivity power-down period   30 secs    
Dimensions (excluding test leads) 103 x 70 x 20 mm
  4.1" x 2.8" x 0.8"
Operating temperature range 0°C   50°C 8
  32°F   122°F  


  1. Between any pair of test clips.
  2. Collector current of 2.50mA.
  3. Resistance across reverse biased base-emitter > 60k.
  4. Resistance across reverse biased base-emitter < 60k.
  5. Drain-source current of 2.50mA.
  6. Collector-Emitter voltage of 5V.
  7. Thyristor quadrant 1, Triac quadrants I and III.
  8. Subject to acceptable LCD visibility.
  9. BJT with no shunt resistors.

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Perfetti, spedizione veloce.

Alejandro on 22/09/2020

Scherpe prijzen, snelle levering. Aanrader. Competitive prices, fast delivery. Recommended.

Bart Wyns on 22/09/2020