Peak Electronic Atlas LCR - Passive Component Analyser (Model LCR40)

Peak Electronic Atlas LCR - Passive Component Analyser (Model LCR40)

Handheld LCR meter providing measurements for inductance, capacitance and resistance. The component type is automatically detected for you, just connect and press "test". The test frequency is automatically selected to provide the best measurement resolution. Test frequencies include DC, 1kHz, 15kHz and 200kHz. Inductance from 1uH to 10uH, minimum resolution of 1uH, typical accuracy of ±1.5% between 100uH and 100mH. Capacitance from 1pF to 10,000uF, minimum resolution of 1pF typical accuracy of ±1.5% between 200pF and 500nF. Resistance from 1R to 2MR, typical accuracy of ±1%. Test frequency is displayed with the measurement. Inductor DC resistance also displayed when testing inductors. Supplied with removable gold plated hook probes, battery and user guide. Compatible with standard 2mm test connectors. Not designed for in-circuit use.

Key Features

  • Automatic component type detection: Inductor, Capacitor or Resistor.
  • Automatic test frequency selection: DC, 1kHz, 15kHz and 200kHz.
  • Inductance from 1uH to 10H.
  • Capacitance from 1pF to 10,000uF.
  • Resistance from 1Ohm to 2MOhm.
  • Inductance measurement also shows DC winding resistance.
  • Test frequency displayed for all measurements.
  • Typical accuracy of 1.5% for inductors and capacitors (see spec table for details).
  • Typical accuracy of 1% for resistors.
  • Test lead complete with gold plated 2mm plugs and sockets.
  • Supplied with removable gold plated hook probes.
Parameters Minimum Typical Maximum Notes
Resistance range 1R   2MR  
resolution 0.3R 0.6R    
accuracy Typically ±1.0% ±1.2R 1,2,6
Capacitance range 0.5pF   10,000µF  
resolution 0.2pF 0.5pF    
accuracy Typically ±1.5% ±1.0pF 1,2,5
Inductance range 1µH   10H  
resolution 0.4µH 0.8µH    
accuracy  Typically ±1.5% ±1.6µH 1,2,4
Peak test voltage (across O/C) -1.05V   +1.05V  
Peak test current (thru S/C) -3.25mA   +3.25mA  
1kHz -1.5% ±1% +1.5%  
14.925kHz -1.5% ±1% +1.5%  
200kHz -1.5% ±1% +1.5%  
Sine Purity Typically -60dB 3rd harmonic  
Operating temperature range 10°C   40°C 3
  50°F   104°F  
Battery type GP23A/MN21 12V Alkaline (supplied)  
Battery operating Voltage 8.5V   13V    

Notes for table above:
1. Within 12 months of factory calibration.
2. Specified at temperatures between 15°C and 30°C.
3. Subject to acceptable LCD visibility.
4. For inductances between 100µH and 100mH.
5. For capacitances between 200pF and 500nF.
6. For resistances between 10Ω and 1MΩ.

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