EMC Antennas

EMC Antennas
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TekBox TBMA6-CC30CM-D Slotted Coaxial Cable for 30 cm Loop

TekBox TBMA6-CC30CM-D Corrugated, Slotted Coaxial Cable for 30 cm Loop..


TekBox TBMA6-P Passive Loop Antenna

TekBox TBMA6-P is a passive Loop Antenna, expanding the Tekbox product range of affordable EMC pre-c..


TekBox TBTP3 Wooden Tripod

TekBox TBTP3 is a Wooden Tripod made out of beech wood and suitable for all TekBox antennas.Specific..


Aaronia 3GHz Hybridantenna HyperLOG 20300 EMI

Aaronia Hybridantenna HyperLOG 20300 EMI, frequency range from 20MHz to 3GHz, is a perfect EMC Hybri..


Aaronia 6GHz Hybridantenna HyperLOG 20600 EMI

Aaronia Hybridantenna HyperLOG 20600 EMI, frequency range from 20MHz to 6GHz, is the ultimate EMC/EM..


TekBox TBMA1 Biconical Antenna 30MHz - 1GHz

TekBox TBMA1 is a small, lightweight, wideband biconical measurement antenna. With its moderate pric..


TekBox TBMA2 Biconical Antenna for EMC from 30 MHz to 300 MHz

TekBox TBMA2 is a biconical measurement antenna for EMC radiated emission testing and generating def..


TekBox TBMA3 Log Periodic Antenna, 250 MHz to 1.3 GHz

TekBox TBMA3 is an affordable logarithmic periodic measurement antenna, targeting radiated noise EMC..


TekBox TBMA4 1 GHz - 8 GHz Double Ridged Horn Antenna

TekBox TBMA4 is a small double ridged horn antenna, with its radiating element made from edge plated..


TekBox TBTP1 Carbon fiber tripod (1490mm)

TekBox TBTP1 tripod is suitable for all TekBox antennas made out of carbon fiber.SPECIFICATIONSCarbo..