Beha Amprobe

Welcome to Beha-Amprobe, the place to find great quality testing tools for electricians. With a combined experience of over 100 years, well-known German brand Beha and US-based Amprobe have a track record to be proud of. Now we have joined forces, and together we are committed to making your job safer, faster and easier than ever. 

Our expertise is legendary. Almost 70 years ago in 1948, we invented the very first clamp meter, and we haven’t stopped innovating since. From multimeters to voltage detectors, at Beha-Amprobe we constantly improve our designs to provide you with the very best quality tools and support.   

Whether you need testing tools for industrial, commercial or residential applications, at Beha-Amprobe we offer innovative test equipment to fit your needs. All of our tools undergo rigorous testing to ensure the quality and safety you know and trust. 

Our products are sold and supported by a wide range of dealers and are backed up by a professional support service. This makes Beha-Amprobe the right place for installation testers, appliance testers (PAT), voltage detectors and continuity testers, digital multimeters, clamp meters and thermometers, for taking measurements in residential, HVAC, electrical and industrial applications, and many other testing tools.
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Beha-Amprobe 1154D reflective strips for the speed indicator, length 75 m

Beha-Amprobe 1154D tiras reflectantes para el indicador de velocidad, longitud 75 m..


Beha-Amprobe 1233D Schuko / Schuko adapter for current dispersion measurement

Beha-Amprobe 1233D Adaptador Schuko / Schuko para la medición de corriente de fuga..


Beha-Amprobe 1238D test labels Ø 15 mm, 250 pieces, yellow

Beha-Amprobe prueba 1238D etiquetas de Ø 15 mm, 250 piezas, amarillo..


Beha-Amprobe 1239D test labels Ø 30 mm, 250 pieces, yellow

Beha-Amprobe prueba 1239D etiquetas de Ø 30 mm, 250 piezas, amarillo..


Beha-Amprobe 1280D Test labels 60x40 mm, 250 pieces, yellow

Beha-Amprobe prueba 1280D etiquetas de 60x40 mm, 250 piezas, amarillo..


Beha-Amprobe 1306D Set of Professional Tips, 1 Metro, 2 mm, Silicone, Cat IV

Beha-Amprobe 1306D Conjunto de consejos profesionales, 1 metro, 2 mm, silicona, CAT IV..


Beha-Amprobe 1307D Set of professional tips, 1 meter, 4 mm, silicone, cat IV

Beha-Amprobe 1307D Conjunto de consejos profesionales, 1 metro, 4 mm, silicona, CAT IV..


Beha-Amprobe 1324 Set of Unidreh Accessories, Probes, Crocodile Tweezers, Case

Beha-Amprobe 1324 Conjunto de accesorios UNIdreh, sondas, cocodrilo clips, funda de transporte..


Beha-Amprobe 1343D VLP5 three-phase 16 to 3-pole test adapter, 16/32 to CEE 5 poles

Beha-Amprobe 1343D VLP5 adaptador de prueba trifásico 16 A 3 polos, 16/32 CEE A 5 polos..


Beha-Amprobe 15XP-B Compact digital multimeter with logical and contact voltage test

Beha-Amprobe Multímetro digital compacto 15XP-B con prueba lógica y de voltaje de contacto..


Beha-Amprobe 2100-ACCS PROBE Test probe extender Kit

Beha-Amprobe 2100-ACCS PROBE Test probe extender KitThe 2100-ACCS PROBE extensions are specially des..


Beha-Amprobe 2100-ACCS Probes and protection covers for 2100 series tester

Beha-Amprobe 2100-ACCS probes and protective covers for series 2100 testerThe 2100-ACCS PROBE extens..


Beha-Amprobe 2100-ALPHA Voltage tester (2 poles), 690 V, LED

Beha-Amprobe tensión de 2100-ALPHA Tester (2 polos), 690 V, LED..


Beha-Amprobe 2100-DELTA Voltage Tester with TRMS Current Function

Beha-Amprobe 2100-Delta is a robust, feature-rich true RMS value voltage tester with current functio..


Beha-Amprobe 2100-GAMMA PRO Electric Tester Kit

Beha-Amprobe 2100-GAMMA PRO Safe and reliable voltage measurements in hard-to-reach placesSafety req..


Beha-Amprobe 2100-GAMMA Voltage Tester (2 poles) 1000V AC/ 1200V DC, LCD/LED

Beha-Amprobe 2100 GAMMA-voltaje Tester (2 polos) AC 1000 V / 1200 V DC, LCD / LED..