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Pro'sKit 1PK-119T Point Tweezer 200 mm

Features:- Magnetic-able- Fiber handle- Length 200 mm- Material Ferromagnetic stainless steel..


Pro'sKit 1PK-396A Cutting Plier 110 mm

Features:- Made of high quality stainless steel- Length 110 mm..


Pro'sKit 5SS-593F Replacement Filter For Smoke Extractor SS-595B

Pro'sKit 5SS-593F Replacement activated carbon filter for Smoke Extractor SS-595B.The filter is made..


Pro'sKit GK-380B Hot Glue Gun 15/80W

Pro'sKit GK-380B Pistola per colla a caldo 15/80WLa pistola per colla a caldo Pro'sKit fornisce un m..


Pro'sKit SN-390 Helping Hands

Pro'sKit SN-390 Helping HandsFeatures:- Rigid metal structure with stabilizing rubber pad, perfect f..


Pro'sKit SS-554B 300W Soldering Pit

Pro'sKit SS-554B 300W Soldering PitPro'sKit soldering pit is designed with electronic control board ..


Pro'sKit SS-571B Base Preheating 300W, 400°C

Pro'sKit SS-571B Base Preheating 300W, 400°CThe Pro'sKit preheating base is made of aluminum alloy, ..


Pro'sKit SS-595B Bench-Top Smoke Extractor

Pro'sKit SS-595B Countertop fume extractor with activated carbon Specification SS-595B Voltage..


Pros'Kit 1H055-T High Speed Steel Drill Bits 5 pcs.

1H055-T is high speed steel drill bits that designed for precision drilling applications in wood, no..

Pro'sKit 1PK-GS300K Butane Portable Gas Soldering Tool Kit -10%

Pro'sKit 1PK-GS300K Butane Portable Gas Soldering Tool Kit

Pro'sKit 1PK-GS300K Butane Portable Gas Soldering Tool KitFeatures:Contents:- Precision tweezer- FP ..

55,20€ 49,80€
Pro'sKit 1PK-T416  6" Curved Forceps -10%

Pro'sKit 608-391A Helping Hands

Helping hands with Magnifying glass model Pro'sKit 608-391AUseful accessory for precision activities..


Pro'sKit 608-391B Helping Hands

Helping Hands model Pro'sKit 608-391BUseful accessory for precision activities on printed circuit bo..


Pro'sKit 8BM-612A ESD Kit with mat and cord for grounding

ESD Economic Kit with mat and coiled cord for grounding, item Pro'sKit 8BM-612A Features:-..


Pro'sKit 8PK-220 Magnetizer/demagnetizer for small tools

Pro'sKit 8PK-220 Magnetizer/demagnetizer tool for laboratory instrumentsPlastic block that allows yo..


Pro'sKit 8PK-366NA ESD Desoldering Pump

Pro'sKit 8PK-366NA ESD vacuum pump in antistatic plastic to support manual desoldering operations.&n..


Pro'sKit 8PK-610 PLCC Extractor

Pro'sKit 8PK-610 PLCC ExtractorFeatures:- A chip carrier extraction tool, specially designed for the..


Pro'sKit 8PK-AS07-1 ESD Portable Field Service Kit

Portable Field Service Kit for created a small ESD protected area, Pro'sKit 8PK-AS07-1The Porta..


Pro'sKit 8PK-MA003N Personal Magnifier

Pro'sKit 8PK-MA003N  Personal MagnifierFeatures:- Light weight.Frame is made of durable impact ..


Pro'sKit 8S005 Solder Paste 50g

 Solder Paste 50 gram jar, model Pro'sKit 8S005Features:- Our solder paste consists of a f..


Pro'sKit 908-366A ESD Desoldering Pump

ESD Desoldering Pump useful for manual desoldering operations, model Pro'sKit 908-366A  Feature..


Pro'sKit 9S001 Solder Wire 17g Ø 1mm 3m

Solder Wire 17g Ø 1mm 3m Pro'sKit 9S001Features:- Tin (Sn) 60% - Lead (Pb) 40%- Diameter..


Pro'sKit 9SN-310G Lead Free Solder Wire 15g Ø 1mm

Pro'sKit Lead Free Solder Wire 15g Ø 1mmTin (Sn) 99.3% Copper (Cu) 0.7%..


Pro'sKit MA-016 Headband Magnifier Led Light

Features:- Flexible lens combination for higher magnification- Detachable LED light device- The tilt..


Pro'sKit MA-021 3.5X Handheld LED Light Magnifier

Handheld magnifier with LED light suitable for PCB checking, reading, and more, model Pro'sKit MA-02..


Pro'sKit MS-035 Dispenses flux evenly with a fine tipped needle, 2 pcs.

Pro'sKit MS-035 is a dispenses flux evenly with a fine tipped needle, pack of 2 pieces...

Pro'sKit SD-9314 16 in 1 Tool Kit for Apple Products -25%

Pro'sKit SD-9314 16 in 1 Tool Kit for Apple Products

Pro'sKit SD-9314 16 in 1 Tool Kit for Apple Products, portable and complete kit. Perfect fit for App..

12,00€ 9,00€

Pro'sKit SS-969B Low Cost Hot Air Station includes 3 Nozzles

Pro'sKit SS-969B Low cost hot air station, includes 3 NozzlesFeatures:- Temperature Range 100 - 450°..


Pro'sKit TZ-100A ESD SafeTweezer, fine tip

ESD SafeTweezer, fine tip, item Pro'skit TZ-100AFeatures:- Resistance: <104 Ω- Lenght:..


Pro'sKit TZ-100B ESD SafeTweezer, curved tip

ESD Safe Tweezer, curved tip, model Pro'skit TZ-100B Features:- Resistance: <104 &Omega..