RIGOL HDO4000 Introduction, 12-bit Res Digital Oscilloscope Series

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RIGOL HDO4000 Series Digital Oscilloscopes 

RIGOL HDO4000 UltraVision III platform combined with a new ASIC chip design that provides true 12 bit samples makes the HDO4000 a great solution for high speed, high signal fidelity applications. With bandwidths from 200 MHz to 800 MHz, these 4 channel oscilloscopes have the best signal visualization capabilities for design and debug. Combine 500 Million points of memory, the new Ultra Acquire burst capture mode, and advanced analysis functions for the best signal fidelity value on the market.


Brand-new chipset "Centaurus" developed by RIGOL
Ultra-low noise floor at 18 μVrms in minimum
12-bit vertical resolution, 16 bits in High Resolution mode
200/400/800 MHz analog bandwidth, 4 analog channels, and 1 EXT channel
Up to 4 GSa/s real-time sample rate
Maximum memory depth: 500 Mpts (optional)
Minimum vertical sensitivity: 100 μV/div
Up to 1,500,000 wfms/s waveform capture rate with the UltraAcquire mode
10.1'' 1280x800 px HD touch display
User-friendly Flex Knobs, bringing smoother interaction
Standard photoelectric encoder operating knobs, effectively prolonging its service life
Standard decoding: Parallel, RS232/UART, I2C, SPI, CAN
Optional decoding: LIN, CAN-FD, FlexRay, I2S, MIL-STD-1553
Standard USB Device & Host, LAN, and HDMI interfaces
Optional battery pack in a highly portable package for unlimited freedom
Support online version upgrade

12 Bit Resolution -> 16x improvement in quantization uncertainty
RIGOL’s latest Oscilloscope technology includes a new custom chipset design enabling sampling with true 12 bit resolution. This reduces the quantization level between bits by a factor of 16. These high resolution samples improve signal fidelity and analysis capabilities for signals from power to communications.

Low Noise -> New ASIC chipset with dramatically lower front end noise

Make the most of 12 bit analog to digital converters with a significantly lower noise floor. With the noise reduced by a factor of 5 compared to our UltraVision II Oscilloscopes analyze smaller signal artifacts with a combination of speed and accuracy. The HDO4000 has a 100 uV/div range setting with demonstrated noise as low as 18 uVrms with a 20 MHz bandwidth filter. Regardless of the level or signal speed, view more of the signal with the high signal fidelity of the HDO4000 Series.

Ultra Acquire Burst Capture -> Visualize dynamic signals with multiple display modes

Capture and visualize events at up to an equivalent rate of 1.5 million waveforms per second. Set your frame number to capture and visualize using a density, waterfall, perspective, or mosaic display. Utilize UltraAcquire to capture small, dynamic changes within a complex signal.

Useful Long Memory -> Record, navigate, and analyze with flexible memory
With up to 500 Million points in a single capture, use the deep memory to record events, navigate long continuous captures, or even further reduce the noise with high resolution mode. Work with the deep memory using precision measurements for complete signal analysis.

Model Analog Channels Vertical Resolution Bandwidth Real-time Sample Rate Max Memory Depth Waveform Capture Rate
HDO4204 4 12 bit 200 MHz 4 GSa/s 250 Mpts (500M opt) 50,000 wfms/s
HDO4404 4 12 bit 400 MHz 4 GSa/s 250 Mpts (500M opt) 50,000 wfms/s
HDO4804 4 12 bit 800 MHz 4 GSa/s 250 Mpts (500M opt) 50,000 wfms/s


An oscilloscope is an important tool for making power supply measurements. With up to 12-bit vertical resolution, the HDO4000 series makes it easy for you to perform ripple measurement and quality test.

This series digital oscilloscope provides a minimum vertical scale of 100 V/div, 18 Vrms low noise floor, together with 12-bit high resolution to capture low-power small signals effectively.

It sees intricate signal details by providing up to 4 GSa/s sample rate, 12-bit vertical resolution as well as higher DC gain accuracy.

The testing for the third generation of semiconductor materials represented by gallium nitride (GaN) usually has higher requirements for reduced quantization error of T&M equipment. The 12-bit high resolution and improved DC gain accuracy make it a perfect choice for semiconductor testing.

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