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Bimos Labsit 9123E ESD chair for clean room 450-650 mm

Bimos Labsit 9123E ESD chair for clean room 450-650 mm

The ESD Labsit 2 chair by Bimos model 9123E has a very simple design and offers comfort and lightness to be adapted to different work environments. 
Thanks to the flexing function, Labsit adapts automatically, without the need for complicated adjustment levers. Only the seat height needs to be adjusted. This makes Labsit an intuitive seat that allows you to use its ergonomic functions correctly. In addition, the thick padding offers an extremely comfortable deep seat.

Anthracite shell
Polished aluminum base with 5 spokes.
Back with 3D flex function
Double soft conductive wheels
Flexion function in the anterior borso of the session
Conductive foam coating
Low joint for easy cleaning and disinfection
Handle on the back
Height adjustable from 450 to 650 mm

Certified for use in Class 3 cleanroom according to ISO 14644-1
Conductive according to EN 61340-5-1

The backrest of Labsit has a 3D flex function. It follows the user's movements and adapts to backward movement as well as to lateral rotation of the upper body.
In this way, it guarantees dynamic sitting and optimal support of the body in any position.

The front edge of the seat follows the working position tilted forward, typical of the laboratory. This ensures proper blood circulation. Pain due to pressure or sore legs are effectively avoided. Thus Labsit also provides extraordinary comfort and optimal ergonomics.

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