HAKKO FM203-TS besturingseenheid inclusief een 70W soldeerbout en een 140W hot pincet

HAKKO FM203-TS kit includes the FM-203 standard equipment and a 140W hot tweezer.
This configuration is ideal for those who have to perform repetitive work of soldering and SMD rework.

Bundle includes:
1 x HAKKO FM-203 Station
1 x Control card
1 x Soldering iron (HAKKO FM-2027)
1 x Iron holder(No. FH200-01: with HAKKO 599B tip cleaner)
2 x Heat resistant pad
2 x Connecting cable
1 x Parallel remover HAKKO MODEL FM-2022
1 x Iron holder: No. FH200-03 with cleaning sponge :No.A1536 (2-a)
1 x Tip tray
1 x Power cord
1 x Instruction manual: 1 for each tool

Soldering tips are not included, please select HAKKO T15:

Blades are not included, please select HAKKO T16: