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CADEX C7200 Battery Analyzer (40 Watts)

CADEX C7200 Battery Analyzer (40 Watts)

CADEX C7200 Battery Analyzer (40 Watts)
The two-station Cadex C7200 suits smaller organizations and storefront operations. 40 watts of charge power at 4 amps per station ensure quick service of larger batteries. This economical analyzer offers similar features to the larger C7400.

Battery voltage range 1.2 to 15V
Charge/discharge current up to 4A per station
Maximum charge power 40 watts per station
Maximum discharge power 35 watts

Automated programs support all your battery needs and the 18 available service programs are grouped below into Basic, Advanced and Custom.

Basic Programs
Auto – Exercises the batteries and applies Recondition if the user-set target capacity cannot be reached
Charge – Applies a fast charge only
Prime – Prepares batteries for field use by repeated cycling until the maximum capacity is reached
QuickSort™ – Sorts lithium-ion packs into Good, Low and Poor in 30 seconds

Advanced Programs
Self-Discharge – Determines the rate at which a battery loses charge
Life Cycle – Counts number of charge/discharge cycles before the battery capacity drops to selected target level
Discharge Only – Discharges battery for storage; tests chargers
Extended Prime – Applies a 16-hour trickle charge, followed by Prime. Prepares difficult to charge batteries
OhmTest – Measures internal battery resistance in 6 seconds
Runtime – Simulates field application with three adjustable load currents and time intervals
Boost – Reactivates seemingly dead batteries that have been discharged too low
QuickTest™ – Provides battery state-of-health in 3 minutes. Needs specific battery matrix
Q-Learn – Provides initial QuickTest™ matrix by scanning a good battery. Service time is 3-5 minutes
Learn – Improves QuickTest™ matrix by scanning batteries with different state-of-health status. Service time is 3-8 hours per battery

Custom programs
Four separate Custom programs allow user-defined programs composed of charge, discharge, recondition, wait and repeats. The programs follow a different path if a certain condition occurs.


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