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Keysight DAQ973A data acquisition system

Keysight DAQ973A data acquisition system
Keysight DAQ973A - Data Acquisition System with USB, LAN and GPIB

DAQ970A/DAQ973A data acquisition systems
Get the next-generation data acquisition (DAQ) system with a 3-slot mainframe and your choice of 9 plug-in modules. Interface with the DAQ using Keysight BenchVue DAQ software, the intuitive graphical front panel with task oriented, self-guiding menus, or a web browser.
– Advanced 61⁄2 digit internal DMM with improved accuracy and faster measurement speed
– Ability to measure very low current ranges (1 μA DC and 100 μA AC) and higher resistance range (1000 MΩ)
– New auto-calibration that compensates for internal drifts caused by time and temperature changes
– 3497XA compatible, program and configuration
– LAN and USB for easy PC connectivity (DAQ973A includes additional GPIB)
– BenchVue software included.
– All modules have been updated to have improved switching speeds and accuracies
– DAQM900A solid state multiplexer and DAQM909A 4-channel digitizer modules
– DAQM909A 4channel simultaneous sampling digitizer module, up to 800 kSa/sec sample rate

Modules for DAQ970A and DAQ973A Systems
Description Modules Key specifications
20-channel solid-state multiplexer DAQM900A Up to 450 ch/s
20-channel multiplexer + 2 current channels DAQM901A Armature 2/4 wire, 60 ch/s (80 ch/s for DAQ970A), up to 300 V, 1 A
16-channel multiplexer DAQM902A Reed 2/4 wire, 250 ch/s, up to 300 V, 50 mA
20-channel actuator/GP switch DAQM903A SPDT/Form C, 120 ch/s, up to 300 V, 1 A
4x8 matrix DAQM904A Armature 2-wire, 120 ch/s, up to 300 V, 1 A
2 GHz, dual 4-channel, RF mux, 50Ω DAQM905A Common low (not terminated, 60 ch/s up to 42 V, 0.7 A
Multifunction module DAQM907A Two 8-bit digital I/O ports, up to 42 V, 400 mA
26-bit 100 kHz event counter, up to 42 V
Two 16-bit analog outputs, up to ±12 V, 10 mA
40-channel single-ended multiplexer DAQM908A Common low (no 4-wire meas.) 60 ch/s (80 ch/s for DAQ970A), up to 300 V, 1 A
4-channel simultaneous sampling digitizer DAQM909A Differential inputs, up to 800kSa/s sampling rate, 24-bit resolution

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  • Vistas: 1999
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