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Delivery Information

Typical time for delivery out of Italy
Our scores say that from the moment of goods pick up to the customer's door typical time is 48 hours.
We use TNT or DHL Express and all orders will have a dedicated tracking number.
Public holidays in Italy LINK to Wikipedia

We do not apply VAT when a valid EU VAT number is provided.

The software options do not require a physical shipment, therefore no costs are applied even for amounts less than Euro 300 VAT excluded (Euro 366 VAT included)

Free Delivery for orders above Euro 200 VAT excluded (Euro 244 VAT included) the shipment is free of charge to the following Countries:
Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain.

Free Delivery for orders above Euro 300 VAT excluded (Euro 366 VAT included) the shipment is free of charge to the following Countries:
Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Romania
Slovak Republic, Sweden, United Kingdom.

Shipping costs to the following Countries for orders below 200 Euros + VAT (IVA)
16,06€ + VAT | Slovenia, Germany, France, Austria.
16,66€ + VAT | Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain.

Shipping costs to the following Countries for orders below 300 Euros + VAT (IVA)
18,80€ + VAT | Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Denmark, Sweden.
19,88€ + VAT | Slovak Republic, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, United Kingdom.

Shipping costs to the following Countries for orders below 400 Euros + VAT (IVA)
26,06€ + VAT | Liechtenstein, Monaco, Switzerland.
28,80€ + VAT | Norway.
29,88€ + VAT | Turkey.
38,10€ + VAT | Cyprus, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta.
54,10€ + VAT | Iceland, Gibraltar, Faroe Islands, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Serbia, Montenegro, Andorra.

Please remember that shipping costs do not include any possible import taxes or customs fees. You are responsible for payment of any duties or taxes incurred. International orders may be subject to customs clearance procedures which can cause delays beyond original delivery estimates.

Signature with Reserve
The staff of Batter Fly that manages the shipment is very attentive to the protection of the material you ordered and its packaging.
The original packaging of the supplier, if not already in double box, is further placed in a new carton.
We advise you to check the outside packaging well when you receive the parcel and, if necessary, sign the courier's document with reserve.

Thank you.

We ship worldwide, please send us an email indicating your full address (outside EU) to give you exact shipment costs.
Send an email to [email protected]

TAX Code/Fiscal Code significato/meaning from Wikipedia (link esterno/external link):


TAX Code/Fiscal Code alcuni esempi/some examples:
- Germany = Steuernummer or Identifikationsnummer
- France = INSEE
- Spain = DNI
- Denmark = CPR
- Croatia = OIB
- Iralnda = PPS
- Iceland = Kennitala
- Poland = PESEL
- Romania = CNP
- UK = UTR
- Sweeden = Personnummer

Spedizione gratuita Italia
Per ordini di importo uguale o superiori a Euro 95 + IVA le spedizioni sono gratuite su tutto il territorio nazionale.

Spese di contrassegno per Italia
Selezionando il pagamento in contrassegno le verranno addebitate le seguenti spese:
• € 3,50 + IVA per importi inferiori a € 500 + IVA
• 1,5% del valore totale per importi superiori a € 500 + IVA

Retention of title
Ownership of the goods passes to the customer when it is entrusted to the carrier for shipment. The goods travel at the risk of the customer even when it is delivered free domicile of the customer. Batter Fly retains ownership of all goods delivered until full and final payment of the delivered goods.

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for more info email to [email protected]