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AimTTi CPX400SA DC Power Supply Single Output 420W 60V 20A Isolated Analogue Interface

AimTTi CPX400SA DC Power Supply Single Output 420W 60V 20A Isolated Analogue Interface

AIM-TTI CPX400SA Bench/System/ATE Programmable DC Power Supply Single Output, 60V/20A 420W, Isolated Analogue Interface

AIM-TTI CPX series main features:
PowerFlex design gives variable voltage and current combinations within a maximum power range
Up to 60 volts and up to 20 amps
180 watts or 420 watts maximum per output
Isolated outputs can be wired in series or parallel
Constant voltage or constant current operation
Settings Locking (S-Lock)
PowerFlex or fixed-range operation
Variable OVP trips
Selectable remote sense terminals
Compact quarter or half rack 3U case size
Isolated analogue remote control (CPX400SA only)
RS232, USB, GPIB & LXI compliant LAN (P models only)

PowerFlex and PowerFlex+ Autoranging
Most laboratory power supplies (PSUs) offer a fixed maximum voltage and maximum current capability. Thus, for example, a 35V/20A PSU can supply up to 700 watts, but its power capability falls in direct proportion to the output voltage so that when being used at 12V, for example, the maximum power has reduced to 240W. The TTi PowerFlex system uses a modified form of mixed-mode regulation to provide higher levels of current when the voltage is set to lower values. PowerFlex supplies have an auto-ranging or semi constant power characteristic so that the current capability rises as the voltage falls and offer a near constant power output over a limited range. Thus, for example, the QPX1200 can provide up to 60V or up to 50A within a total power limit of 1200W. This means that the maximum voltage and the maximum current are not available simultaneously and care must be taken when interpreting the specifications. Although producing slightly higher noise levels than the standard mixed-mode regulation, performance is still excellent. Both the CPX and QPX series use PowerFlex with linear post regulation to provide wider output voltage and current capabilities with low noise.

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