Four common uses of the oscilloscope

Posted by gm77 06/05/2019 0 Comment(s) 1872 Test & Measurement,

Power integrity
- Measure large DC offsets with the ability to zoom in on small ripples
- Accurately measure ripple and periodic and random disturbances (PARD)
- Spectrum analysis view makes finding coupled sources easier

Power analysis
- See power signal details with up to 16-bit resolution
- Capture long periods of time, e.g. a turn-on sequence, with high sample rate
- Complete probe portfolio for measuring from μA to kA and μV to kV

EMI debugging
- Near-field probes allow you to sniff out interfering signals
- Time and frequency domain correlation for powerful debugging of emitters
- FFT provides a vivid and fast view in the frequency domain

Frequency response analysis (Bode plot)
- Analyze the frequency response of passive filters and amplifier circuits
- Perform control loop response measurements
- Perform power supply rejection ratio measurements
- Simple and fast documentation

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