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FLIR E53 Termocamera IR 240x180 pixels -20 +650°C Lente 24°

FLIR E53 Termocamera IR 240x180 pixels -20 +650°C Lente 24°

Discontinued model, click here to view the new series

FLIR E53 Termocamera IR 240x180 pixels -20 +650°C Lente 24°

La termocamera FLIR E53 è la soluzione perfetta per tutti i responsabili di impianti e tecnici elettrici e meccanici che devono individuare punti caldi e problemi costruttivi prima che richiedano costose riparazioni.

Ampliando la sua gamma di termocamere Exx-Series con il nuovo modello base E53, FLIR prosegue nel suo impegno di rendere accessibili le termocamere portatili a un numero sempre maggiore di professionisti del settore. 

La FLIR E53 risponde alle esigenze in ambito elettrico, meccanico e costruttivo, offrendo la stessa nitidezza d'immagine, l'accuratezza delle misurazioni e le potenti funzionalità della famiglia Exx-Series, ad un prezzo che rende l'imaging termico alla portata di molti altri manutentori. La E53, disponibile a meno di € 4.500 (IVA esclusa), è dotata di un sensore con risoluzione 240x180 per misurare temperature fino a 650 °C (1200 °F), ed è sufficientemente robusta per affrontare le condizioni difficili in cui gli specialisti lavorano quotidianamente.

Oltre alla funzione 1-Touch Level/Span e la connettività Wi-Fi e METERLiNK FLIR E53 offre molte delle funzionalità più importanti della Exx-Series per completare rapidamente i lavori. La FLIR E53 è un modello vincente.

 PIXELS 240x180 320x240 388x288 464x384
 TEMP. MAX 650°C 650°C 1200°C 1500°C
 SPOT METER 3 1 3 3

- 240 x 180 Resolution
- Maximum Temperature 650°C
- Exceptional Noise Performance
- IR Camera and Visual Camera Closely Aligned for Optimal MSX Technology Performance
- Bright 4" Touch Sensitive Display (160° viewing angle)
- Scratch-resistant Dragontrail™ cover glass
- Compass and Integrated GPS Data on Images
- Wi-Fi with METERLiNK® connectivity
- Almost 0 Lag When Wirelessly Transmitting Image
- 1 - Spot Meter
- IP54 Rating
- On-board Worklight, Microphone and Speaker
- Quick Start Up
- Programmable Buttons
- Intuitive Folder Structure for Simple Image Access and Organization
- Includes 8 GB SD Card
What's In The Box
- Infrared camera with 24° lens
- 2 Batteries
- Battery charger with power supply
- Front lens and light protection
- Hand & wrist straps
- Lanyards
- Lens caps (front and rear)
- Lens cleaning cloth
- 15 W3 A power supply
- Printed documentation
- 8 GB SD card
- Torx screwdriver
- Cables (USB 2.0 A to USB Type-C, USB Type-C to HDMI, USB Type-C to USB Type-C)

The E53 is FLIR’s most powerful, brand-new Exx-Series thermal imaging camera for applications ranging from industrial inspection and plant maintenance to home inspection, energy audits, and building envelope testing. Featuring high resolution 240 x 180 infrared, a broad temperature range covering -20°C to 650°C, and 30mK thermal sensitivity, the E53 helps users to easily quantify potential issues in any of these environments. When image capture is complete, the E53 makes it easy to report problems quickly. Take advantage of new streamlined reporting features to document your images fast. Then, use Wi-Fi to upload images straight from the camera for an even more streamlined review process.

High-Performance Infrared Imaging
At its core, the FLIR E53 is designed to help users see temperature. In plants and homes, the power to see hidden temperature data can save time and money by preventing shutdowns and maximizing efficiency. That’s why FLIR gave the E53 high thermal sensitivity at 30mK, meaning more subtle issues can easily be detected. The camera’s broad temperature range and high IR resolution combined with a mean you can confidently capture temperature data in almost any environment.

Ease of Use
The FLIR E53 has been updated and redesigned to provide greater ease of use, better ergonomics, and more intuitive operation than earlier cameras. The new 640 x 480 multi-touch display, featuring scratch-resistant DragontrailTM cover glass, is 30% larger and 25% brighter than screens in previous Exx-Series cameras. The handle and grip have also be redesigned for the E53, providing the most comfortable grip FLIR has ever made.

FLIR MSX Technology
FLIR MSX is a form of image-blending or thermal fusion technology. This means that for ever infrared image taken, the E75 also captures a visible-light image with its built-in 5-megapixel digital camera. The infrared and visible-light images can be combined in-camera, created a “fused” thermal image with all temperature data as well as clearly-defined visible details. Brand-new for the E75, FLIR also moved the built-in digital camera closer to the thermal detector, meaning MSX-enhanced images are now sharper and clearer than ever before.

The FLIR E53 is covered under the same impressive 10-5-2 warranty FLIR includes with all its thermal cameras. This warranty provides extended 10-year coverage on the IR detector, 5 years on field-replaceable batteries, and 2 years on parts and labor. FLIR can offer this incredible warranty because it manufactures its IR detectors and other critical camera components in house. With FLIR, you can always be confident you are buying a long-lasting, high-quality piece of equipment.

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