IKALOGIC SP209 9 channel 200 MSPS logic analyzer & protocol decoder

IKALOGIC SP209 9 channel 200 MSPS logic analyzer & protocol decoder
The IKALOGIC SP209 logic analyzer and protocol decoder offers in depth analysis of logic signals and protocols with 200MHz (5ns) timing resolution. 9-channel operation allows 8-bit parallel data to be captured along with a clock or strobe signal.

Top-notch features, no compromises
- 9 logic channels with adjustable thresholds (1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V)
- State of the art input stage, with Schmitt triggers that eliminate glitches on slow signals
- 200 MHz sampling rate, with all 9 channels used
- External clock option (state mode), up to 50MHz
- Precise trigger-In and trigger-Out signals on SMA ports
- Samples compression and streaming via USB
- 2Gb DDR-3 memory kicks-in when USB isn't fast enough
- Embedded receivers on industrial version: SP209i (RS232, CAN, LIN, RS485)
- Guaranteed performances on all hosts

Embedded 2Gb sampling memory = performance assurance
SP series logic analyzers compress and stream captured signals via USB 2.0 to a Windows, Linux or MacOS machine. USB bandwidth can be variable from a system to another, and is practically limited to 20MB/s. That's why SP logic analyzers have an embedded 2Gb DDR-3 memory that buffers captured samples at 1.6GB/s, overcoming USB limitations.

Powerful trigger options:
- Edge trigger
- Logic change on one or various channels
- Trigger on a sequence of timed logic signals
- Trigger on a protocol word or event (like serial word or I2C address acknowledge)
- External trigger input
- Trigger output
- Dual stage trigger (Ex: Edge trigger, then, Trigger on I2C address)

Timing specifications

Sampling rate200 MHz200 MHzWith all 9 channels used
Ext Clock (State mode)50 MHz50 MHzClock input on CH 9
Logic input digital bandwidth50 MHz50 MHzWith provided probes set
RS232 input digital bandwidth ---1.5 MbpsOnly for SP209i (industrial version)
RS485 input digital bandwidth---50 MbpsOnly for SP209i (industrial version)
CAN input digital bandwidth---8MbpsOnly for SP209i (industrial version)
LIN input digital bandwidth---20KbpsOnly for SP209i (industrial version)

Input specifications

Number of Channels99SP209i inputs are internally multiplexed with industrial transceivers
Operating range 0V to 5V0V to 5VCheck datasheet for details about industrial inputs (RS232, RS485, CAN, LIN)
Absolute max voltage on Logic inputs-25V to +25V-25V to +25VCheck datasheet for details about industrial inputs (RS232, RS485, CAN, LIN)
Adjustable logic levels1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, 5VLogic level for logic inputs
Threshold circuits33Allows up to 3 different logic levels on different channels
Hysteresis 0.62 V0.62 VMinimum, at 3.3V logic level
Impedance200kΩ // 8pF200kΩ // 8pFCheck datasheet for details about industrial inputs (RS232, RS485, CAN, LIN)

Industrial inputs summary

CAN Channels ---1Compatibles with CAN and CAN FD.
LIN Channels---1Includes a battery input pin for voltage reference.
RS232 Channels---2Supports BAUD rates up to 1.5 MBAUD.
RS485 pairs---2Can be combined to form one full duplex RS422 receiver.

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E' stato il mio primo acquisto su Batterfly (siglent sds1202): veloci, imballaggio impeccabile, prodotto perfetto. Consiglio l'acquisto in questo negozio senza ombra di dubbio!

Mauro on 29/07/2020

Ho acquistato un oscilloscopio DS1054Z che ho ricevuto in 48 ore. Sono molto soddisfatto di essermi affidato allo staff Batterfly, riscontrando cordialità e professionalità. Consiglio questo sito,...

Mauro Danieli on 24/07/2020