Kolver KBL15FR/S ESD electric screwdriver brushless, torque 0.4/1.5Nm with input/output signals

Kolver KBL15FR/S ESD electric screwdriver brushless, torque 0.4/1.5Nm with input/output signals

Kolver KBL15FR/S ESD electric screwdriver brushless, with straight handle, torque 0.4/1.5Nm

The new KBL mechanical clutch screwdrivers feature high-quality Swiss brushless motors, the perfect solution for clean room applications thanks to zero emissions of coal dust and other pollutants into the working environment
; at the same time the precision of clutch screwdrivers guarantees an accuracy of ±7% or better. Magnetic start and clutch switches assure better results and longer life. Extremely small and lightweight for utmost operator comfort and with advanced ergonomic design, they ensure very low noise level, minimum vibrations, maximum safety (low supply voltage), lasting performance as well as maintenance free operation. All KBL drivers come standard with ergonomically advanced ESD-safe body, 2.5 m connection cable and suspension bail. The heavy duty cables and connectors, developed for robotic applications, are made of antistatic dissipative material for a safe use in EPA environment. The absence of maintenance operations guarantees high productive continuity. All KBL screwdrivers work in combination with our new EDU1BL controllers but can be also used with our standard EDU1FR controllers. This option will allow existing customers to replace FAB & RAF drivers with no need to replace controllers.

KBL..FR/S are equipped with innovative electronics, which processes and sends torque, error and lever signals and receives remote start and reverse input. They’re mainly indicated for automated applications. They work with EDU1BL/SG control units (8 pin connector).

The models with straight handles are also available in the KBL FR / AR version with automatic unscrewing when the torque is reached
KBL models with angle head are also available, send request for more information.
For the simultaneous use of two KBL screwdrivers in the same work area, the DOK02 device with double outlet is provided.

MPNProductTorque NmRPM maxTypeHandleStart OptionController
190004KBL04FR0,04-0,4650-1000StandardStraightElectronic LevelEDU1BL & EDU1FR
190015KBL15FR0,4-1,5650-1000StandardStraightElectronic LevelEDU1BL & EDU1FR
190030KBL30FR0,7-3,0650-1000StandardStraightElectronic LevelEDU1BL & EDU1FR
190040KBL40FR0,9-4,0450-750StandardStraightElectronic LevelEDU1BL & EDU1FR
190004/SKBL04FR/S0,04-0,4650-1000with I/O signalsStraightElectronic LevelEDU1BL/SG
190015/SKBL15FR/S0,4-1,5650-1000with I/O signalsStraightElectronic LevelEDU1BL/SG
190030/SKBL30FR/S0,7-3,0650-1000with I/O signalsStraightElectronic LevelEDU1BL/SG
190040/SKBL40FR/S0,9-4,0450-750with I/O signalsStraightElectronic LevelEDU1BL/SG
190004/ARKBL04FR/AR0,04-0,4650-1000AutoreverseStraightElectronic LevelEDU1BL & EDU1FR
190015/ARKBL15FR/AR0,4-1,5650-1000AutoreverseStraightElectronic LevelEDU1BL & EDU1FR
190030/ARKBL30FR/AR0,7-3,0650-1000AutoreverseStraightElectronic LevelEDU1BL & EDU1FR
190040/ARKBL40FR/AR0,9-4,0450-750AutoreverseStraightElectronic LevelEDU1BL & EDU1FR
190005KBL04P/FR0,04-0,4650-1000StandardGunElectronic LevelEDU1BL & EDU1FR
190016KBL15P/FR0,4-1,5650-1000StandardGunElectronic LevelEDU1BL & EDU1FR
190031KBL30P/FR0,7-3,0650-1000StandardGunElectronic LevelEDU1BL & EDU1FR
190041KBL40P/FR0,9-4,0450-750StandardGunElectronic LevelEDU1BL & EDU1FR
190005/SKBL04P/S0,04-0,4650-1000with I/O signalsGunElectronic LevelEDU1BL/SG
190016/SKBL15P/S0,4-1,5650-1000with I/O signalsGunElectronic LevelEDU1BL/SG
190031/SKBL30P/S0,7-3,0650-1000with I/O signalsGunElectronic LevelEDU1BL/SG
190041/SKBL40P/S0,9-4,0450-750with I/O signalsGunElectronic LevelEDU1BL/SG
Model Torque Nm RPM max Start option Controller
KBL04FR 0,04-0,4 650-1000 Electronic Lever EDU1BL & EDU1FR
KBL15FR 0,4-1,5 650-1000 Electronic Lever EDU1BL & EDU1FR
KBL30FR 0,7-3,0 650-1000 Electronic Lever EDU1BL & EDU1FR
KBL04FR/S 0,04-0,4 650-1000 Electronic Lever EDU1BL/SG
KBL15FR/S 0,4-1,5 650-1000 Electronic Lever EDU1BL/SG
KBL30FR/S 0,7-3,0 650-1000 Electronic Lever EDU1BL/SG


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Found Batterfly by chance browsing the internet, it is a fantastic company!!! Great products, prices, super nice contact & professional, very quick shipping time. I'll only buy from them now..! ...

Julien Asencio on 16/09/2020

Very happy with purchase, arrived quickly

Ivan on 11/09/2020