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Model Description Promotional
End date
PSW-Series Multi-Range Programmable Switching DC Power Supplies

PSW-Multi series is a two-channel or three-channel wide range output programmable switching DC power supply. The maximum output
power can reach 1080W.

There are 13 two-channel models with a rated power of 720W and 24 three-channel models with a rated power of 1080W. The rated voltages of low voltage modules are 30V, 40V, 80V, 160V. The rated voltages of high voltage modules are 250V and 800V.
10% OFF December 22, 2023
ASR-2000 Series Compact Programmable AC/DC Power Supplies

The ASR-2000 series, an AC+DC power source aiming for system integration or desktop applications, provides both rated power output
for AC output and rated power output for DC output.

Nine ASR-2000 output modes are available, including:
1) AC power output mode (AC-INT Mode)
2) DC power output mode (DC-INT Mode)
3) AC/DC power output mode (AC+DC-INT Mode)
4) External AC signal source mode (AC-EXT Mode)
5) External AC/DC signal source mode (AC+DC-EXT Mode)
6) External AC signal superposition mode (AC-ADD Mode)
7) External AC/DC signal superposition mode (AC+DC-ADD Mode)
8) External AC signal synchronization mode (ACSYNC Mode)
9) External AC/DC signal synchronization mode (AC+DC-SYNC Mode)
10% OFF December 22, 2023

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