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Summary Description Promotional price End Date
InfiniiVision Oscilloscope Application Bundles

Application Bundles Overview
Deciding which probes, which hardware upgrades, and which software options to purchase along with your InfiniiVision X-Series oscilloscope for a specific measurement application can be a daunting task. Keysight has made it easy for you by pre-configuring multiple products under single bundled model numbers. Keysight now offers six different bundles of products optimized for automotive test and debug, power supply characterization and testing, and high-speed signal integrity / jitter testing. Choose the one that best fits your measurement application and budget and save 25% off the list price relative to purchasing the same items individually.
- Power Better Bundle (DSOX3054PWR)
- Power Best Bundle (MSOX4154PWR)
- High-Speed / Jitter Better Bundle (DSOX6004JIT)
- High-Speed / Jitter Best Bundle (MSOX6004JIT)

25% Off No end date
InfiniiVision Software 40% Off

If you purchase an InfiniiVision oscilloscope of the following series (1000, 20003000G, 3000T, 4000 and 6000 X-Series) you will get a 40% discount on the following software options:
- Aerospace and Defense Software: D3000AERB, D4000AERB, D6000AERB
- Embedded Analysis: D2000GENB, D3000GENB, D4000GENB, D6000GENB
- Automotive: D2000AUTB, D3000AUTB, D4000AUTB, D6000AUTB
- Power Analysis: D3000PWRB, D4000PWRB, D6000PWRB
- USB: D3000USBB, D4000USBB, D6000USBB
- Bundle: D2000BDLB, D3000BDLB, D4000BDLB, D6000BDLB

40% off software options
Buy One FieldFox, Get Two Free Software Options

Buy a N99xxA FieldFox Handheld Analyzer and get two of the following FieldFox software options for free:
- N99xxA-215 TDR Cable Measurements
- N99xxA-307 GPS Receiver
- N99xxA-355 Analog Demodulation
- N99xxA-361 EMI Measurements

Two FREE software options 31/07/2023

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