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Rohde & Schwarz HZ-15 Near Field Probe Set E/H-Field

Rohde & Schwarz HZ-15 Near Field Probe Set E/H-Field

Rohde & Schwarz R&S® HZ-15 Near-Field Probe Set, E and H near-field emission measurements with test receivers, spectrum analyzers and oscilloscopes.
Frequency range from 30MHz to 3GHz.

The kit includes:
- robust plastic case
- 1 m RF cable with BNC (male) and SMB (female) connectors
- 5 probes

E field probe RSE02
The surfaces of bus structures, large components or supply structures emit E fields that can cause EMI.
The bottom of the RSE02 probe detects these fields on an area measuring approx. 2 cm × 5 cm.

E field probe RSE10
The narrow electrode of the RSE10 probe can select a single conductor track from a bundle of conductor tracks 0.2 mm in width.
The light color of the probe tip stands out in sharp contrast to the dark green of the printed board.

H field probe RSH400-1
Owing to its large diameter (approx. 25 mm), the RSH400-1 probe for H field is extremely sensitive and provides the average of the magnetic field strength in the loop area of the probe. You can use the probe at a 10 cm distance around modules and instruments.

H field probe RSH50-1
The RSH50-1 (diameter approx. 10 mm) is higher in resolution and lower in sensitivity than the RSH400-1.
It is suitable for performing measurements at a smaller distance of up to approx. 3 cm.
In this range, you can determine field distribution and field orientation even more precisely.

H field probe RSH2.5-2
The RSH2.5-2 H field probe can be used to selectively detect the current spectrum in conductor tracks and component leads such as on capacitors or ICs.
The probe tip has a magnetically active groove of approx. 0.5 mm in width.

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