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RIGOL DS1054Z oscilloscope 50MHz 4 channel - Special Offer

RIGOL DS1054Z oscilloscope 50MHz 4 channel - Special Offer

The Rigol DS1054Z is a digital oscilloscope with 50 MHz bandwidth and 4 channels. It includes the decoding of the RS232, SPI and I2C protocols as standard. In addition, the advanced trigger and recording functions are included, the standard memory buffer is 24Mpt.

The Rigol DS1054Z oscilloscope includes the following accessories:
- 4 passive 150 MHz probes model Rigol RP2200
- power supply cable
- USB cable
- fast guide

The Rigol DS1054Z oscilloscope offers the following options for free:
- SA-DS1000Z (serial decoding RS232, SPI, I2C)
- AT-DS1000Z (advanced trigger)
- REC-DS1000Z (recording function)
- MEM-DS1000Z (24Mpt memory upgrade)

The compact dimensions (313 mm × 160 mm × 122 mm) make the Rigol DS1054Z an excellent solution for all work benches. The generous 7 "display clearly shows all the traces and mathematical functions.

The low price of the Rigol DS1054Z makes this digital oscilloscope popular in many areas.

4 Channels

UltraVision: Deeper Memory

UltraVision: Multi Level intensity grading display

UltraVision: Realtime waveform Record and Replay function

Many trigger functions

Serial BUS Trigger and Decoding

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Free of Charge BND-DS/MSO1000Z

RS232, SPI, I2C serial decoding, advanced triggering, record function, memory upgrade to 24Mpts

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