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AimTTi TSX1820P LXI 18V/20A power supply with interfaces

AimTTi TSX1820P LXI 18V/20A power supply with interfaces

AIM-TTI TSX1820P LXI Bench/System silent DC Power Supply with mixed-mode regulation 18V/20A, Digital Controls, USB, RS232 and LAN Interfaces, GPIB option.

AIM-TTI TSX series main features:
Compact & lightweight power supply
0 to 18V at 0 to 20A or 0 to 35V at 0 to 10A
Bench or rack mounting, front & rear terminals
Silent fan-less convection cooling
Very low noise, excellent transient response
Comprehensive protection including OVP trip
High setting resolution, remote sense terminals
Analogue controls

P LXI versions add:
USB, RS232 and LAN interfaces as standard
Optional GPIB interface
Keyboard setting of all parameters
Rotary and delta (step) control of V and I
Watts display, non-volatile storage of 25 settings
Fully programmable with bus readback of V & I

Mixed-Mode Regulation
For higher power levels, Aim-TTi have developed a technology that uses switch-mode pre-regulation and linear final regulation. This technique combines exceptional efficiency with noise levels that are close to that of pure linear supplies.

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