Cadex Electronics Inc. was established in 1985. Isidor Buchmann, the founder and CEO recognized that the full potential of nickel-cadmium batteries was not achieved and developed battery analyzers to exercise and rejuvenate them. In its early days, the company operated under the name Buchmann Enterprises Inc. and all activities were conducted in a small room of the founder's residence. In 1985, after the registered trademark for the name Cadex was granted, the company changed the corporate name to Cadex Electronics Inc. Cadex is derived from "CADmium-EXerciser."

CADEX BatteryShop 1 software

PC-BatteryShop 1 provides a simple, yet powerful PC-interface to control and monitor Cadex C7x00 Ser..


CADEX C7200 Battery Analyzer (40 Watts)

CADEX C7200 Battery Analyzer (40 Watts)The two-station Cadex C7200 suits smaller organizations and s..


CADEX C7400 Battery Analyzer (80 Watts)

CADEX C7400 Battery Analyzer (80 Watts) With four-stations and 80 watts of charge power, the Ca..


CADEX C7400ER Battery Analyzer (170 Watts)

CADEX C7400ER Analizzatore di batterie (170 Watt)Il Cadex C7400ER è il più potente deg..


CADEX C8000 Battery Testing System

CADEX C8000 Battery Testing SystemBy all imagination, the Cadex C8000 may well be the most complete ..


CADEX Flexarm universal adapter

The Cadex FlexArm accommodates batteries when no custom adapter is on hand. The probes on the flexib..


CADEX Rigidarm universal adapter

The RigidArm simplifies connecting small (e.g. cellular phone) batteries. Spring-loaded arms meet th..


CADEX Smart Cable

The Cadex Smart Cable services larger batteries that are placed outside the unit. The temperature se..