SensePeek Cablaggio 2x4

SensePeek Cablaggio 2x4

SensePeek 4008 is a 2x4 Wire harness that fits perfectly between PCBite probes and your Saleae logic analyzer or anything else with an IDC 2,54 (0.1") pitch pin header.

4 wires intended for ground and 4 for signals.
Color coded to match Saleae software (channels 4-7)

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  • Marca: SensePeek
  • Codice Prodotto: 4008
  • MPN: 4008
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Perfetti, spedizione veloce.

Alejandro sopra 22/09/2020

Scherpe prijzen, snelle levering. Aanrader. Competitive prices, fast delivery. Recommended.

Bart Wyns sopra 22/09/2020