SensePeek 2x SP10 Sonde per DMM (rosso / nero)

SensePeek 2x SP10 Sonde per DMM (rosso / nero)

SensePeek 4011 is ideal for connection to multimeter or power supply. 2psc complete SP10 probes with one red and one black probe head (positive and negative) packed together with a set of red/black banana cables.

SensePeek 4011 includes:
2x SP10 probes with red/black probe head and pin tipped test needles
2x Banana to dupont test wires red/black
2x Extra crown tipped test needles

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  • Marca: SensePeek
  • Codice Prodotto: 4011
  • MPN: 4011
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  • 30,00€
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Great service, once products had been shipped it took less than 24h to get them. Packaging was superb.. Original hakko iron and tips, I am very pleased with my purchase.

Ettore sopra 24/02/2020

Perfect service!!! thank you Batter Fly

Julien A sopra 24/02/2020