LCR Research LCR Link1 Links Your LCR Meter to PC

LCR Research LCR Link1 Links Your LCR Meter to PC

LCR Link1 is a USB dongle style communication module. It is built with a fully integrated isolation technology for delivering data and power safely and blocking the noise from PC effectively. Therefore it ensures that the device performance and accuracy don’t get degraded when it is connected to PC.

Intuitive Software

The LCR Data Logger is an easy-to-use Windows based software that is downloadable for free from our website. It provides an intuitive user interface on a PC to remote control the Pro1 that is connected to PC via the Link1.

The LCR Data Logger configures the device settings and logs the measurement into an Excel spreadsheet, as well as other unique functions, such as:

- Data Filter: Set a threshold to prevent undesired data from being logged due to bad contact, switching components, etc.
- Multi-component identification: The device performs step by step measurement on several components. You don’t need to switch parameters manually when he switches from one component to another. The device automatically sets the parameters according to the programming. It records the results and reports Pass or Fail.

All these features make the software a useful tool to improve productivity and reduce measurement errors.

Model LCR Pro1 LCR Elite1
Accurancy 0,1% 0.5%
Test Frequency 100Hz - 100kHz 100Hz – 10kHz
Test Voltage 0.2Vrms, 0.5Vrms, 1.0Vrms 0.45Vrms
Resistence (R) YES YES
Inductance (L) YES YES
Capacitence (C) YES YES
Impedance (Z) YES NO
Dissipator Factor (Q) YES NO
Quality Factor (Q) YES NO
Phase Angle (Ө) YES NO
Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) YES YES
Direct Current Resistance (DCR) YES NO
Diode Check YES NO
Continuity YES NO
Sorting YES NO
Recording YES NO
Self Calibration YES NO
PC Connectivity YES NO
Dimensions (L x W x H) 151 x 19 x 15mm 151 x 19 x 14,5mm
Weight 30g 30g
Display OLED 0.96″, 128 x 64 Resolution OLED 0.91″, 128 x 32 Resolution
Battery 3.7V LiPO, Rechargeable 3.7V LiPO, Rechargeable
External Power Source DC 5V, micro-B USB Connector DC 5V, micro-B USB Connector
SMD Test Probe Ultra-Precise Gold Plated Precise Gold Plated


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