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Rohde & Schwarz NGU201 due quadranti source measure unit (SMU)

Rohde & Schwarz NGU201 due quadranti source measure unit (SMU)

The Rohde & Schwarz NGU201 source measure unit is tuned for battery drain analysis of any battery-powered device up to 60 W, including mobile phones, tablets and IoT devices, for example. Furthermore, it can be used for battery tests and simulations, thanks to its adjustable output impedance and optional battery simulation tool.
Functions are similar to the Rohde & Schwarz NGM200, however the Rohde & Schwarz NGU201 provides higher resolution and accuracy.

Rohde & Schwarz NGU201 – the wireless communications specialist:
► Two quadrants: operates as source and sink
► Variable output impedance and constant resistance mode
► Digital voltmeter (DVM) function
► Battery simulation






Output voltage

0 V to 20 V

–20 V to +20 V

Max. output/sink power

60 W

Max. output/sink current

≤ 6 V: 8 A; > 6 V: 3 A

Load recovery time

< 30 μs

Max. acquisition rate

500 ksample/s

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