GW Instek AEL-5004-350-37.5 AC/DC Load 3750W, 350V, 37.5A

-9% GW Instek AEL-5004-350-37.5 AC/DC Load 3750W, 350V, 37.5A

GW Instek AEL-5004-350-37.5 AC/DC Load 3750W, 350V, 37.5A

GW Instek launches 20 models of the AEL-5000 series AC/DC electronic loads depending on the power range. The power range of a single unit is from 1875W to 22500W, and up to 8 units can be connected in parallel. The maximum power of single-phase parallel connection can reach 180kW, and the total power of 3-phase can reach 540kW, which are suitable for UPS, Inverter/Breaker, AC Power Source, Battery, Fuse/Breaker, DC Power Source and other applications.


- CC, Linear CC, CR, CV, CP and AC Rectifier Load Mode
- Frequency Range: DC, 40~440Hz
- Turbo Mode for 2 Times the Current and Power of Electronic Load within 1 Second
- Three Units Parallel up to 90kW and Three-phase △ or Y Load Connection Can be Synchronized Control by One Master Unit
- Loading and Unloading Angle Control; 0~359 Degree is Settable
- Positive Half-cycle or Negative Half-cycle Loading
- Supports SCR/TRIAC Current Phase Modulation Waveforms,90 Degree Trailing Edge and Leading Edge
- Optional Interface: GPIB, RS232, USB, LAN

Standard Accessories
HD-DSUB 15PIN Parallel wire

Optional Accessories
PEL-022 GPIB Card
PEL-023 RS-232 Card
PEL-024 LAN Card
PEL-025 USB Card
PEL-028 U-Shaped handle (fixed to the bracket) (for AEL-5006/5008/5012/5015)
PEL-029 Handles Rack accessories (for AEL-5002/5003/5004)
PEL-030 GPIB + RS-232 Card
GTL-248 GPIB Cable, 2m
GTL-250 GPIB Cable, 0.6m
GTL-246 USB Cable, 1.2m

Model Maximum Power Maximum Output Voltage Maximum Output Current
AEL-5002-350-18.75 1875 W 350 V 18.75 A
AEL-5003-350-28 2800 W 350 V 28 A
AEL-5004-350-37.5 3750 W 350 V 37.5 A
AEL-5006-350-56 5600 W 350 V 56 A
AEL-5008-350-75 7500 W 350 V 75 A
AEL-5012-350-112.5 11250 W 350 V 112.5 A
AEL-5015-350-112.5 15000 W 350 V 112.5 A
AEL-5019-350-112.5 18750 W 350 V 112.5 A
AEL-5023-350-112.5 22500 W 350 V 112.5 A
AEL-5002-425-18.75 1875 W 425 V 18.75 A
AEL-5003-425-28 2800 W 425 V 28 A
AEL-5004-425-37.5 3750 W 425 V 37.5 A
AEL-5006-425-56 5600 W 425 V 56 A
AEL-5008-425-75 7500 W 425 V 75 A
AEL-5012-425-112.5 11250 W 425 V 112.5 A
AEL-5015-425-112.5 15000 W 425 V 112.5 A
AEL-5019-425-112.5 18750 W 425 V 112.5 A
AEL-5023-425-112.5 22500 W 425 V 112.5 A
AEL-5003-480-18.75 2800 W 480 V 18.75 A
AEL-5004-480-28 3750 W 480 V 28 A

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GW Instek, for the time being, will not provide GPIB interface for all products as of today because of the impact of the global chip shortage.
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