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Keysight 33621A arbitrary waveform generator

Keysight 33621A arbitrary waveform generator
Keysight 33621A - Waveform generator 33600A Series, 120 MHz, 1-channel

33600A Series Trueform waveform generators
Four upgradeable models are available at 80 and 120 MHz with 1- and 2-channels. The 33600A Series offers a full set of standard features and an optional baseband IQ signal player.
– 80 and 120 MHz, 1 and 2 channel models
– 2 channel coupling and synchronization
– Trueform arbitrary waveforms with sequencing
– PRBS serial patterns

  33611A 33612A 33621A 33622A
Number of channels 1 2 1 2
Frequency 1 μHz to 80 MHz sine 1 μHz to 120 MHz sine
Standard waveforms Sine, square, ramp, pulse, triangle, Gaussian noise, PRBS, DC, standard on all models
IQ baseband standard for 2-channel arbitrary capable models only and is not optional for 1-channel models
Arbitrary waveforms Trueform arbitrary waveforms with sequencing, 4 MSa/channel memory, optional 64 MSa/channel
Sampling rate, resolution 660 MSa/s, 14-bits 1 GSa/s, 14-bits
Modulation types AM, FM, PM, FSK, BPSK, PWM, Sum (carrier + modulation)
Burst Counted or gated
Sweep Linear, logarithmic and frequency list
Total harmonic distortion and jitter <0.03% THD and < 1 ps jitter
Timebase TCXO standard, OCXO optional for higher stability
Options and security NISPOM and file security, OCXO high-stability timebase
Connectivity USB, LAN, GPIB (optional)

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