Micsig MOIP08P 800MHz SigOFIT Optical-fiber Isolated Probe

Micsig MOIP08P 800MHz SigOFIT Optical-fiber Isolated Probe

Micsig MOIP08P is a SigOFIT Optical-fiber Isolated Probe with 800 MHz of Bandwidth.

Unveil Real Signal You've Never Seen
With Micsig's exclusive SigOFIT™ optical isolation technology, the SigOFIT probe is powered by laser, delivers extremely high CMRR and isolation voltage, help engineers to see the whole truth of the signal within its bandwidth.

- Bandwidth: DC-1GHz
- CMRR: DC-160dB
- Common Mode Voltage: 60kVpk
- DC Accuracy: 1%

- Design of motor drive, power converter, electronic ballast
- Design of GaN, SiC, IGBT Half / Full bridge devices
- Design of inverter, UPS and switching power supply
- Safety test for high voltage, high bandwidth applications
- Power device evaluation
- Current shunt measurements
- EMI & ESD troubleshooting
- Floating measurements

Bandwidth 100 MHz 200 MHz 350 MHz 500 MHz 800 MHz 1GHz
Rise Time ≤3.5ns ≤1.75ns ≤1ns ≤700ps ≤438ps ≤350ps
Effective Accuracy Bandwidth 60 MHz 100 MHz 250 MHz 300 MHz 400 MHz 550 MHz
SMA input impedance 1MΩ || 10pF 1MΩ || 10pF 1MΩ || 10pF 1MΩ || 10pF 1MΩ || 10pF 1MΩ || 10pF
Output Voltage ±2.5V ±1.25V
Differential Voltage Range 1X: ± 2.5 V
10X: ± 25 V
500X: ± 1250 V
1000X: ± 2500 V
2000X: ± 5000 V
1X: ± 1.25 V
20X: ± 25 V
50X: ± 62.5 V
1000X: ± 1250 V
2000X: ± 2500 V
Noise <1.41mVrms <1.1mVrms
Propagation Delay 15.42ns (2m cable length)
Power Supply USB Type-C, DC: 5V
DC Gain Accuracy 1%
Bandwidth Gain Accuracy 1.5%
Common Mode Voltage Range 60kVpk
Cable Length 2m (Stdandard) (customizable)

Attenuation & Input Impedance
Probe Tip Attenuation Input Impedance
SMA 1X 1MΩ || 10pF
OP10 10X 10MΩ || 3.0pF
OP20 20X 9.47MΩ || 2.8pF
OP50 50X 9.47MΩ || 2.8pF
OP500 500X 12.27MΩ || 2.6pF
OP1000 1000X 12.28MΩ || 2.6pF
OP2000 2000X 30MΩ || 1pF

Common Mode Rejection Ratio
Probe Tip DC 1MHz 100MHz 200MHz 350MHz 500MHz 800MHz 1GHz
SMA 160dB 152dB 112dB 106dB 102dB 100dB 94dB 92dB
OP10 160dB 120dB 96dB 92dB 90dB 86dB 84dB 82dB
OP20 160dB 120dB 92dB 90dB 86dB 84dB 82dB 80dB
OP50 160dB 115dB 86dB 82dB 80dB 78dB 75dB 74dB
OP500 160dB 96dB 56dB 48dB 40dB 32dB 28dB 26dB
OP1000 160dB 90dB 50dB 42dB 34dB 26dB 22dB 20dB
OP2000 160dB 90dB 50dB 42dB 34dB 26dB 22dB 20dB

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