AimTTi MX180TP DC Power Supply, Multi-Range, 375W, with interfaces

AimTTi MX180TP DC Power Supply, Multi-Range, 375W, with interfaces

AIM-TTI MX180TP Bench/System Multi-Range DC Power Supply 378W, three full-performance outputs, 2 x 180 watts plus 1 x 18 watts, USB, RS232, LAN & GPIB Interfaces

AIM-TTI MX series main features:
Three or four high performance outputs each with full functionality
Range switching gives variable voltage/current combinations
Shared power mode provides double power from a single output
Low output noise and ripple via linear final regulation
High setting resolution of up to 1mV and 0.1mA
Variable OVP and OCP trips on all outputs
50 setting memories per output plus 50 linked memories
Selectable voltage tracking (isolated tracking)
Selectable current meter averaging
Switchable remote sense capability
Graphic LCD provides simultaneous output metering
Numeric or spin-wheel control of all parameters
Individual or combined output on/off control with programmable delay sequencing.
3U half-rack case for bench or rack mounting (4U rack kit accessory available)
RS-232, USB and LAN (LXI) interfaces (P models), GPIB option
Duplicate power & sense terminals at rear (P models)

Multi-Range Outputs
The output channels of some Aim-TTi power supplies can be configured to give a higher maximum voltage or a higher maximum current at the same power to suit different applications extending their flexibility. For example the MX100T outputs can be 0-16V at up to 6A or 0-35V at up to 3A. This means that the maximum voltage (here 35V) and the maximum current (here 6A) are not available simultaneously as they are in different ranges and care must be taken when interpreting the specifications. In the MX series, multiple ranges can be combined with Power Sharing - see below:

Power Sharing
On some multi-channel power supplies, the channels can be reconfigured so that two channels are wired internally to connect to the same output terminals in series or parallel, providing double the power and either double the voltage or double the current respectively. In these configurations the output terminals of the second channel are unused.

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I found at Batterfly some of the obsolete parts to save my old Hakko-470 desoldering pump. Original parts from Hakko Japan, at the best price I could find on internet. Fast delivery from Italy to Fr...

Jean-Yves Gaulier sopra 23/01/2021

Servizio perfetto, come sempre. Ottimo materiale. Hakko e Batter Fly non si discutono

Massimo Besozzi sopra 22/01/2021