HAKKO FX-1002 Micro IH Soldering Iron Conversion Kit

HAKKO FX-1002 Micro IH Soldering Iron Conversion Kit
HAKKO FX-1002 Micro soldering iron for induction heating system conversion Kit
Temperature series: 350ºC and 400ºC
Compatible with HAKKO FX-100, IH soldering station
Packing List:
- Handpiece (with yellow and green sleeve assembly )
- Heat resistant pad
- Iron holder with sponge and wire
- Instruction manual

An IH (High-Frequency Induction Heating) micro-soldering iron for the T35 Series of soldering tips
Especially suited for soldering microchips and other chips with narrow pin pitches under a microscope
FX-1002 and T35 series tip make it much easier to solder on microchips in very fine pitch (than FX-1001 and T31).
T35 is designed to obtain not only very fine shape but also sufficient thermal capacity to delivery stable soldering quality on damage sensitive products.

With the FX-1001 soldering tip, there is a tendency to interfere with the pin on the right, but now using the FX-1002, work can be done without interference to the surrounding pins.
Secures field of vision under a microscope with Φ3 mm soldering tip

2 temperature series, T35-03 350°C and T35-02 400°C
Unlike conventional temperature control system, IH (Induction Heating) system provides fixed temperatures.
Within T35 series, tips shapes are exactly the same over the different temperature series.
What is IH (High-Frequency Induction Heating)?
Unlike resistance-based heating systems that control temperature by turning heater power on and off via a sensor, with an induction heating system the soldering tip itself produces heat and maintains a constant temperature, enabling a small soldering tip to handle high thermal capacity, high-density substrates.

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  • Visualizzazioni: 1979
  • Marca: HAKKO
  • Codice Prodotto: FX1002-82
  • MPN: FX1002-82
  • Disponibilità: Disponibile
  • Prezzo Netto:
  • 144,00€
  • Prezzo incl. 22% IVA: 175,68€

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