Keysight 34460A Multimetro da banco

Keysight 34460A Multimetro da banco
Keysight 34460A - DMM Truevolt di base a 6,5 ​​cifre con tecnologia Truevolt brevettata per una maggiore precisione e informazioni di misurazione più rapide

- Histogram and bar chart on 4.3-inch color graphical display ease monitoring and speed up statistical analysis
- Measure with confidence, with 75 ppm basic DCV accuracy
- Test low power devices with low DC current measurement range from 100 µA to 3 A
- A BenchVue software license BV0001B is now included with your instrument. BenchVue makes it simple to connect, control instruments, and automate test sequences


  34460A 34461A 34465A 34470A
Digits of resolution 6 1⁄2 6 1⁄2 6 1⁄2 7 1⁄2
1 year DCV accuracy 0.0075% 0.0035% 0.0030% 0.0016%
Maximum measurement speed (readings/s) 300 1000 5,000 std / 50,000 opt
DC, True RMS AC voltage ranges 100 mV – 750 V
DC, True RMS AC current ranges 100 μA – 3 A 100 μA – 10 A
2- and 4-wire resistance ranges 100 Ω – 100 MΩ 100 Ω – 1 GΩ
Frequency range 3 Hz – 300 kHz
Diode/continuity 5 V/yes
Other measurements Capacitance, temperature, period
Connectivity USB, LAN (opt), and GPIB (opt) USB, LAN, and GPIB (opt)

Truevolt Digital Multimeters
Lower DC current ranges and faster reading rates, allows enhanced measurements
Get more details quickly. Truevolt digital multimeters (DMMs) graphical capabilities, such as trend and histogram charts, offer more details quickly. Both models include a data logging mode for easier trend analysis and a digitizing mode for capturing transients.
Measure low-power devices. The ability to measure very low current, 1 μA range with pA resolution, allows you to make measurements on very low power devices.
Maintain calibrated measurements. Auto calibration allows you to compensate for temperature drift so you can maintain measurement accuracy throughout your workday.

34460A/34461A Basic Truevolt DMMs
– Up to 1,000 readings/s at 41⁄2 digits
– 12 measurement functions including temperature
– Up to 10 k readings internal memory
– Color, graphical display, with built-in graphics, math, and statistics
– 34461A DMM is a replacement for the previous-generation 34401A model

34465A / 34470A Performance Truevolt DMMs
– DCV measurement accuracy of 30 ppm
– Measure sleep and standby current with pico-amp resolution
– View DC and AC volts with dual display
– 1 μA range and up to 50,000 rdgs/sec

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