RIGOL DSG836 RF Signal Generator, 9 kHz to 3.6 GHz

RIGOL DSG836 RF Signal Generator, 9 kHz to 3.6 GHz

The RIGOL DSG836 is a powerful RF Signal Generator with a frequency range from 9 kHz to 3.6 GHz

RIGOL DSG800 series Main Features:
- Up to 1.5 GHz/2.1 GHz/3 GHz/3.6 GHz frequency
- The typical value of amplitude precision is not greater than 0.5 dB
- -110 dBm to +20 dBm output power
- High signal purity; the typical value of phase noise is lower than -112dBc/[email protected]
- Provide 2 ppm internal clock (standard) as well as an optional 5 ppb highly stable clock
- Provide AM/FM/ØM analog modulation functions (standard)
- Provide optional pulse modulation with up to 70 dB on/off ratio; it also provides optional pulse train generator
- Provide I/Q modulation and I/Q baseband output (the two are available as standard configuration only for DSG821A and DSG836A)
- All the modulation functions support both internal and external modulation modes
- It is designed with a height of 2U which saves the rack space; it also provides the rack mount kit
- Provide USB/LAN remote control interfaces (standard) and standard SCPI command set
- Provide the system flatness calibration (cable, attenuator, amplifier and etc.) function

RIGOL DSG800 series introduction
DSG800 series RF signal generator provides all-round modulation plans. It provides standard AM/FM/ØM functions as well as optional pulse modulation function, and pulse train generator. Besides, DSG821A and DSG836A are equipped with a standard configuration of I/Q modulation function. All the modulation functions support both external and internal sources. Besides, to fulfill the application requirements of the production lines, severe test verifications are performed on DSG800 during the design and production phases to ensure its stability and reliability. DSG800 provides clear panel layout and is easy-to-operate. It can output stable, accurate and pure signals. Besides, it is small in size and light in weight. DSG800 is an ideal tool for various fields such as communication, computer, instrumentation, research, education, production and maintenance.

Highly cost-effective economical RF signal generator
- Up to -112 dBc/Hz (typical) phase noise
- Up to +20 dBm (typical) maximum output power
- Higher level of amplitude accuracy, up to 0.5 dB (typical) Superb signal stability

Functions almost matching those of high-level RF signal generators
- Flexible frequency and amplitude sweep functions
- Complete AM/FM/ØM analog modulation functions
- Standard LF output function
- Powerful pulse modulation function
- Open vector modulation function
- System flatness calibration function
- Simple and easy to operate

Special design ensuring its reliability and durability
- Use electronic attenuator to avoid wearing
- Specially designed protection functions
- Digital ALC circuit
- Simple structure

Smallest in size among the like products
- Occupy the least workbench space
- Occupy less rack space
- Light weight; the handle offers comfortable grip

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E' stato il mio primo acquisto su Batterfly (siglent sds1202): veloci, imballaggio impeccabile, prodotto perfetto. Consiglio l'acquisto in questo negozio senza ombra di dubbio!

Mauro sopra 29/07/2020

Ho acquistato un oscilloscopio DS1054Z che ho ricevuto in 48 ore. Sono molto soddisfatto di essermi affidato allo staff Batterfly, riscontrando cordialità e professionalità. Consiglio questo sito,...

Mauro Danieli sopra 24/07/2020